Steps on How to Make Hip Hop Beats Online

If you dream to make hip hop beats online, then that dream will now come true. With the help of a beat maker software, you can now make hip hop beats at home. You only need to follow a few steps on how to make hip hop beats and you can now already have your own created music. Here are the 5 steps involved:

1. Pick a style and your favorite artists. exclusive beats for sale of your favorite hip hop rapper and listen to their music. Decide for your style, inspired by these artists. They and their songs should serve as your inspiration and guide to make hip hop beats online. If you hear something you really like, try to remember that

2. Start your layout. You are now starting to create your own beats. But before that, you should layout your plan for the style of beats you decided. Here you will consider the Intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.

3. Lay down the beat and the melody. For starters, start with the drums. Learn the Kick, Snare, Hi hat for a good start. While working on your drum beat, try to record it so you will know which part isn’t working for you and which you think sounds good. Your skills in manipulating the keyboard controls are needed here. But for starters, just go with the basic, until you learn some techniques.

4. Pan it. This is just having an instrument all the way to the right, left, or anywhere in between. It gives each track its own little space in the stereo field. Here, you don’t have to follow rules so you can experiment here.

5. Work on mixing- Do some mixing of individual track. Make sure not to distort them. To keep it safe, apply some instruments if you notice a little distortion. Once you’re done, you can then listen to your own creation and make it known via the Internet or saving it to a CD.

That’s all you need to know and follow to make hip hop beats. That’s really simple. And remember, you are not expected to perfect these at one time. The purpose of these steps is to open possibilities to experiment and enjoy at the same time while you make beats online.

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