Modern Man – Are You a Modern Man?

What exactly is a “Modern Man?” Are we talking about that point in mankind’s evolution when we finally evolved to Cro-Magnon status as humans? No. That’s not what we’re looking into at all.

For the purposes of your learning how to meet, date, and even seduce beautiful women in your life, the term “Modern Man” refers to a man who’s finally free from the guilt-ridden, Victorian Era mentality about sex and sexuality.

Regardless of what you, as a man, may have heard from the church, the media, and other know-nothings, sex is not wrong. We are sexual beings. A modern man understands that were it not for sex they wouldn’t even be here.

Men of today understand that in spite of all of the alleged “mystery” shrouding the topic of meeting and being successful with beautiful women, casa you understand something about how the female mind operates and come to understand them, the better relationships, friendships, and sex you will have.

The modern man knows that he has nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to having sex. There is nothing “evil” about being unapologetically male any more than there is anything nefarious about a woman being feminine.

The catalysts within our human history that have brought about an alleged aversion to masculinity are far too complex to go into here. Let it be said though that a modern man can freely drop the undeserved guilt that’s usually associated with wanting to meet women whom we find attractive and want for ourselves.

While a “Victorian” man might still hold women on a pedestal of some sort within their minds, constantly fear speaking “out of turn,” or even being ‘disrespectful,’ a modern man understands that to be successful with women is quite similar to being successful in any other area of life.

When you look for a job, are you “bowing and scraping” at the door, or are selling the company on the benefits of having you on the team? Are you demonstrating the reserved excitement that an enthusiastic employee should have?

When you’re hanging out with friends, are you constantly worried that your friends might think of something that you say, or are you letting loose and having a good time confidently? A modern man understands not only how to enjoy his life and time on this earth, but also, why he deserves to.

It is time for all men to shake off the confines of inappropriate guilt, fear, and hesitation in their efforts to find happiness, love, and even just sex. There is no room for the accusations of those who are merely jealous of the happy because of their own unwillingness to try to be happy themselves. It’s time for you to be a modern man.

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